Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Practicing for Unreality

Well, I just got done with another exercisew. An excercise is where we practice what we would do if we had to deploy. There are two types called Phase 1 and Phase 2. The Phase 1 concentrates on the deployment process; what we do to actually leave here to go to our deployment. The Phase 2 concetrates on what we would do once we were deployed and arrived in country. A great process... in theory.

You see, we still practice for what we would have done in the Cold War, not for what we would do and are doing today. So, all the training we're doing is worthless because it doesn't pertain to reality.

We just did a phase 1 at my base. I wish we actually did our deployment process the way we practice it. It would make the departure easier and less stressful than they way we actually do go about it.

It's really quite annoiying that we go through all this practice, and then don't do it this way for real. It's like have basketball practice in order to prepare us for a baseball game. You see how it would help us, right?

Oh well, I guess life just isn't supposed to make sense.

My life is full of oxy morons like, "Military intelligence," "Microsoft Works," and as you can see from what I've said above, "Practice makes perfect."

I just wish that some of the decisions that get made are actually thought out. It's scary who they put in charge of all this multi-billion dollar equipment, and frankly, I don't know how we manage to win wars when we don't prepare for them properly...

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