Thursday, December 08, 2005

What's wrong with this picture?!

I've been doing some reading in the past couple of days. I know the primary purpose of this blog is not political or current events, but this stuff I've been reading and hearing is getting out of hand.

All around me is why we should be out of Iraq, why we should never have been there, why we can't win, yada, yada, yada. Whet the heck kind of country are we turning into?! How in blazes can someone think that the most powerful nation and military in the world can't win this fight? What, do they think our opposition is a bunch of Halo characters with powerful technology?! Or are these just deranged, paranoid, idiots? What ever the case, they are elected leaders in our government. John Kerry, Howard Dean, and John Murtha, just to name a few, are out of their minds! I'm no politician, but it would seem to me that they are trying to commit political suicide. Kerry's statement that U.S. troops are terrorizing Iraqi women and children and Howard Dean's statement about not being able to win in Iraq are sure fire ways to turn many people against them, including those who voted them into office.

I tell you, if they were my senate representative, I'd have a few choice words to say to them. I want to see a politician that forgets about what he thinks, and puts out what the people he represents think. That's a politician's job right? Represent the people in their districts? These guys must really be disconnected from reality to think they can say and do these things and not upset most Americans.

Here is a page of the "terrorist" acts which our American troops are committing in Iraq. Makes you wonder about the sanity of Kerry and his statements.

On another note, you should really check out this post from a recruiter. You can also find his web page in my favorite links list. This will let you know a lot of the good things that are happening in Iraq that you never hear in the news. It does have a bit of swearing in it just so you know. He got a little riled up before he wrote it, and you will see why. In any case, any of you who read this and happen to be represented by one of the offending government representatives, please let them know how you feel. Write a letter, send them an e-mail, whatever, but make it clear to them what you expect from them. They need to start doing their job, not spouting off their mouths about things their constituents don't agree with.

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