Thursday, July 02, 2009

Moved to Japan

Well, I have finally been transferred away from Texas. I hated my time at that base, but I didn't mind the area around it too much. I would never choose to live there again, but then, I didn't choose to live there to begin with.

I got to Okinawa Japan just under a month ago. I've finished all my in-processing and moved into my house, and bought a little Micro Machines car. Well, I guess the car is a little bigger than that, maybe a Hot Wheals car. I get my house hold goods, like my furniture and stuff, next week, and I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed again.

The trip over was uneventfull, with the exception of the 55 hour delay in Seattle... They could have flown a replacement aircraft there from any where in the ENTIRE WORLD, twice! Instead, we had to wait for 55 hours to finally get on the plane.

The vet at Dyess held on to the blood sample from our dog, Freedom for about a week before sending it to the lab for the FAVN test that is required. As a result, the test wasn't done in time for us to get on the plane, so we had to leave the dog with the in-laws. Now I have to spend hundreds of dollars of my own money to send my wife back to get our 4 legged family member. Personally, I think the vet at Dyess should reimburse us for the cost, but I'll be stuck paying for that myself.

Anyway, I look forward to my stay here in Okinawa and I'll try to remember to keep up with this blog. I don't get many readers, so my motivation to keep up suffers from that, but I try anyway.